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Mushrooms And Toadstools

July 6, 2013
English: A fruit body of the shelf fungus Fome...

English: A fruit body of the shelf fungus Fomes fasciatus (Sw.) Cooke. Specimen located in LC Ringhaver Park, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Toadstool (Photo credit: Andrew Pescod)

We had a real “gully washer” of a thunderstorm last night. My brother said his rain gauge measured over an inch and a half this morning. The thunderstorm was very close. I counted an interval of 15 seconds from flash to boom. Putting the storm around fifteen to twenty miles away. The power flickered several times and went out for five minutes. Two medium-sized branches came down in my backyard. When I went to move them I saw a large patch of mushrooms and toadstools growing around the base of the tree. The toadstools were the ones with the bright red caps  The mushrooms were the shelf  type and the black, slimy ones. I left all of them alone. Some Fungi can be extremely toxic. Better safe than sorry! Emily

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