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Swimming Cats

July 5, 2013
Cats, Kitten

Cats, Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tiger Swimming at Big Cat Rescue

Tiger Swimming at Big Cat Rescue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, the title of this post seems incredible. A few, rare house cats do exist who enjoy swimming. I know because I have seen them. Three years ago I was invited to my brother’s house for a Fourth of July picnic. He has two daughters, at that time they were two and five years old. He had purchased a small wading pool for them the month before. It was a hot, humid, and sunny day. He filled the pool with water and let them splash and play. You can imagine my surprise when I saw three of their four-month old kittens walk up to the side of the pool and scramble into the water! They swam around for fifteen minutes before climbing out. Their three litter-mates and mother all looked at them like they were crazy. I turned to my brother. “Did I just see three of your kittens go swimming?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes, they like the water.” He replied. Our family has had cats for over fifty years if you count my parents. Those three kittens are the only three cats we know of who like to swim. They were at it again yesterday, only of course they are full-grown cats now. There are two males, yellow and white colored tigers. The larger is named Peanut Butter and the smaller is Cheese Puff. The third is a female, a black, orange, and cream-colored calico named Precious. They look like the ones in the picture. It is something to see. Watching them splash, play, and swim in the water with my nieces. The other cats still think they are strange. Emily


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