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Sparrow Watching Part 5: Flying The Nest

July 3, 2013
Raccoon (Procyon lotor). Français : Raton lave...

Raccoon (Procyon lotor). Français : Raton laveur (Appellé Racoon en Guadeloupe) (Procyon lotor). Author: Darkone, 5. August 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Watching (Photo credit: cynicalview)

Much to the cats disappointment, today the sparrow family flew away from their nest. The fledglings flight ability has improved by (literal) leaps and bounds. They can now remain aloft for up to five minutes and cover over twenty feet in distance. Their parents have led them to the far side of the creek. An area dense with bushes and small trees, providing lots of cover for vulnerable young. It is also rich in food resources. The cats have not given up hope yet. They remain at their posts at the bedroom window, hoping for a glimpse of the now elusive yet still crunchy birdies.

My sister has been troubled for the past few days by a pantry raider. Last night she finally caught the culprit. It was a large raccoon! Apparently it had discovered the cat door and started coming inside the house. Tonight she is going to set out a live-capture cage. She is going to bait it with the food item the raccoon seems to like the most in her pantry. The marshmallows! I know, I was surprised too. The first night it ripped the bag open and ate half of them. My sister put the remainder into a small plastic container. The next night the coon bit through the plastic and finished the marshmallows! I will let you know if she succeeds in trapping the coon. Wild life can be strange. Emily

UPDATE: The next morning the coon was inside the trap. She transported it to a nearby wildlife refuge and released it. Her pantry has remained untroubled since then.

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