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The Silence Of The Grasshoppers

July 2, 2013

grasshopper (Photo credit: PhineasX)

Spring Peeper Crop

Spring Peeper Crop (Photo credit: Kerry Wixted)

Usually by this time of year the air is filled with the songs of the grasshoppers, not this year. I wonder if the constant rain has messed up their hatching? I miss their trilling buzzes. Their silence is somewhat unnerving. I also missed hearing the peeper frogs earlier this year. I think that hot and then cold spell killed a lot of them. The slugs and snails are doing well this year, there are tons of them. They love this kind of weather. We got more rain yesterday. Some of the nearby counties experienced severe flooding. The Town had their ditch digging crew hard at work this morning. They were on the road next to my trailer for over three hours. My neighbor told me that the hillside embankments had collapsed in several places due to the heavily saturated ground giving way. I saw at least four fully loaded dump trucks pulling away from the site. I can faintly hear them working on the hill on the next road over. We have a lot of hills in my area, I imagine that the road crews will be busy for the rest of the week or even longer. Ithaca cancelled their fireworks show for last night and moved it to Sunday night. I hope that the weather will be nicer by then. Emily

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