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Sparrow Watching, Part 4: Flight Training

June 24, 2013


English: A House Sparrow in flight

English: A House Sparrow in flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sparrow feeding young

Sparrow feeding young (Photo credit: das_miller)

The cats have resumed their favorite activity. They are spying on the sparrow chicks. The ckicks have grown, they are now half the size of their parents and have all their feathers. This morning they successfully fell the four-and-a-half feet from their nest to the ground. They are taking short flights, more hops than anything else. They can manage to get aibourne for three to four seconds and cover about five inches of distance. They keep working at it, pumping their wings and flexing their chest muscles. They have ravenous appetites. Their poor parents are frantically working to keep them feed. The cats are sitting in front of the bedroom windows, nose stuck firmly to the screens. They chatter and chatter. “Crunchy Little Birdies! Crunchy Little Birdies!” Their tails lash back and forth. Bandit reached out with her right paw and tested the screen. She pulled on it to see if it was loose. They will probably be there all day. We had quite a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. It rumbled and grumbled for twenty minutes. I saw several large flashes of lightning. The rain poured down in sheets for forty-five minutes. It was so heavy at times that I couldn’t see the end of my driveway, twenty feet distant. The ground is very soggy today. Emily


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