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A Perfect Day

June 21, 2013

Elf (Photo credit: Chau kar)

It is a perfect day. A fitting end to spring. Sunshine, clear blue skies, a light breeze, and pleasantly warm. The ground has finally dried out enough that I was able to wash a load of laundry and hang it up on the line outside to dry. The clothing was a little musty from drying inside on my clothes bars. I have even washed my sheets and hung them up. There is nothing so wonderful as sun dried, fresh sheets on the bed. It is warm enough that I have already put the screen in the storm door. The cats are lying in front of it, their noses pressed against the mesh, inhaling all the wonderful scents.
Yesterday I reread “Beyond World’s End” by Mercedes Lackey. Today I am reading her “Spirit’s White As Lightning”. They are the fourth and fifth books in the “Bedlam’s Bard series. It is a Urban Fantasy Series with Elves, both Bright and Dark; and a human Bard who creates Magic with his music. There is also a dragon and a subplot with government conspiracies involving human physics and the elves. The main character Bard Eric Banyon grows from an uncertain teenager into a self-assured man over the course of the series. Watching him learn and develop from his mistakes is why I enjoy the series. You also learn that magic comes with a price and explore some of the Realms Underhill. Emily

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