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Two Truths

June 19, 2013
Meat counter: Prosciutto (top two rows), salam...

Meat counter: Prosciutto (top two rows), salami and bacon, roast beef. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Pigs! (Photo credit: dpmitchell)

Two truths form the basis of our existence. We prefer to ignore them. Law, philosophy, and religion are the methods we use to cope.

First: Everything dies. From viruses to the universe, all ends. We use philosophy and religion to comfort ourselves in the face of this truth. Believing in an afterlife makes death seem easier. Life is a journey to death. Goodness equals heaven, evil hell.

Second: We are all killers. We kill directly or indirectly every day to survive. The grocery store makes it easy. All of our meat can be bought already cleaned, prepared, and wrapped, sanitizing the process. We are oblivious to how it came to our table. We don’t consider that it was once alive. We enact laws because some enjoy killing. We use ethics, laws, morals, and religions to control our murderous urges. Emily


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