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Why Am I Surprised?

June 18, 2013
Rainy weather 080302 020

Rainy weather 080302 020 (Photo credit: juergen.mangelsdorf)

The grey skies and clouds are back. We have had one of the cloudiest and rainiest springs on record for our area. Summer is only a few days away, perhaps it will be sunnier. Yesterday afternoon we had a twenty-minute thunderstorm where it poured down rain. I did see a small rainbow. The cats are being lap bugs today. They are curled up together and purring . Bandit is using Selleck as a pillow. Her head is on his back. The squirrels are being quiet this morning. No romping on the roof so far.

Today I’m watching the TV series “Love Bites” on DVD. It is about a vampire and a cop turned PI. It also has other paranormal beings. It has a love triangle between the male vampire, the female PI, and a male cop who is the PI’s expartner and exlover. It is interesting to watch the interactions between the characters. Emily

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