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Another Gloomy Day

June 14, 2013
English: A gloomy summer's day at North Hayling

English: A gloomy summer’s day at North Hayling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More gray skies. It isn’t raining, for the moment. We are supposed to get some sunshine tomorrow, I hope so. I am feeling a little depressed. With all the rain we have been getting it seems more like April than June. The squirrels are having a block party on my roof today. They were romping and thumping up there for an hour. The cats are going crazy. They keep chattering and running around looking up at the ceiling. They are trying to figure out how to go catch the “Crunchy! Crunchy!! Crunchy!!!” squirrels. I wish the squirrels would find some other place to dance. At least they don’t try to get inside the trailer. I am making Pork With Cherry Compote for lunch. It sounded good. I will let you know how it turns out. Emily

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