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Lazy Day

June 8, 2013
Mini takes a break from lifting weights to upd...

Mini takes a break from lifting weights to update her blog (Photo credit: qousqous)


Cat Sat on Computer

Cat Sat on Computer (Photo credit: dougwoods)

 The third day in a row that has been overcast and rainy. The cats are bored, there have not been any critters for them to watch since it started raining. I got them a treat at the grocery store this morning. I bought them a can of tuna fish. They love tuna. I split the can between their bowls and they gobbled it down. They have decided that it is perfect weather for curling up on my lap. Selleck has been helping me type on the computer today.I finished watching Season One of “Supernatural” and started on Season Two. I also bought a Crenshaw Melon to try. It was tasty. We have a nice local grocery store. It carries a good variety of items at fairly reasonable prices. Emily


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  1. We saw your posting!! And we hope the rain goes away soon!!! It does get boring when it rains forever!! We take over our moms computer though even when it’s not raining!!!

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