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Rainy Day Blues

June 7, 2013
A DVD box set with the foreground of the cover...

A DVD box set with the foreground of the cover portraying two men, one holding a bladed weapon and the other with a shotgun, and the background portraying an automobile and stormy sky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It rained a lot yesterday, from around 6:45 am to about 2:00 am in the morning, then it sprinkled sporadically from 3:00 am to 7:00 am. It poured down buckets for several hours. It was a perfect day to be inside. Unfortunately I had to do some errands that took me outside on a number of occasions. I got quite wet as I need a new raincoat and I forgot to take an umbrella. I didn’t post a blog as I couldn’t get a dial-up connection. I thought it was the perfect day to watch some DVD’s. I put in several discs of the TV show “Supernatural, Season One”. I enjoy all the creepy things in the series: ghosts, spirits, skinwalkers, demons, and other weird creatures. I made some popcorn for a snack while I watched them.

I made a Carnation Key Lime Pie Kit. It is a no bake pudding pie with a whipped topping. It was easy and quite tasty. I also made Macaroni And Cheese With Peas And Imitation Crab Chunks. It turned out well. Emily

One Comment
  1. Thank you for the Pingback!! I’m looking forward to enjoying this ‘snowdy day’ indoors watching TV too 🙂
    – Jesi

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