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Romping On The Roof

June 5, 2013

Peony (Photo credit: Liralen Li)

The squirrels are back. I live in a trailer. This morning I could hear two squirrels running around on my roof. Their little feet skittered and scraped. There were thumps, bumps and bangs. I don’t know if they were playing or fighting, but they made a lot of noise! The cats went crazy. They ran around the trailer with their heads cocked towards the commotion. I knew that they were trying to figure out how to investigate more closely. When the squirrel sounds finally fell silent, the cats tiredly returned to their sparrow viewing. My peonies are blooming. They are very pretty. The main petals are a creamy white, the outermost row of petals is a soft pale-pink, and the stamens are a hot-pink. I love their scent, so rich and delicious. The only thing I don’t like about peonies is that the ants also love them. Everytime I pick a blossom I have to shake all the ants off of it. It is a pleasant and sunny day in the Finger Lakes today. I better enjoy it. The weatherman is predicting rain tonight. We will see. Emily


Peonies (Photo credit: jessyroos)

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