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Robin Daze

June 1, 2013


American Robin -- Humber Bay Park (East) (Toro...

American Robin — Humber Bay Park (East) (Toronto, Canada) — 2005, by User:Mdf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry about the punnish title, but I couldn’t resist. I promise that I’ve gotten it out of my system, for now. This morning while I was eating breakfast I heard a loud kerthunk against one of the living room windows. I went to see what it was. A robin lay dazed on the lawn under the window. I was afraid it might be dead. A few moments later it shook its body and began to slowly move. It wobbled and reeled as it limped to the cover of a nearby bush. I checked just now and it is still huddled there. I guess it really knocked itself for a loop. I hope it will be okay. The cats are intently focused on the activity at the sparrow’s nest. They make fast runs to the food and water dishes, gulping down nourishment as quickly as they can. Then they dart back to the window and resume their posts. They have been there from dawn, yesterday they remained until dusk. I had to go out earlier with my pruning shears and trim back the brambles again. With all the rain and warm weather they are growing like crazy. I heard a little rumble of thunder. We may get scattered thunderstorms today. It is still humid. Emily

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