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The Cold War

May 30, 2013
Cat Fight

Cat Fight (Photo credit: jamiejohndavies)

The cats are still mad at each other. When they walk past each other they do so cautiously (like in the photo), skirting just out of swatting range, with one eye cocked for a sudden strike. When one gets petted the other one stalks up on my far side and demands attention. If one of them tries to sleep on my lap the other one jumps up and shoulders the first one aside. At least they have stopped hissing and growling at each other.

We were lucky last night. We got some rumbling, but the worst of the thunderstorm missed us. We did get some rain, fortunately not too hard this time. The humidity is back and the temperature is supposed to get over ninety degrees here. I am going to get out my fans. I think I will need them later. Emily


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