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Rabbit Racing

May 28, 2013



Fawn (Photo credit: ambergris)

My furry alarm clocks woke me at six-thirty this morning. The cats were doing it again! Fortunately I had to get up then anyhow. They were bouncing on the bed and “chattering” up a storm. The rabbits I saw the other day were back. This time three half-grown youngsters were racing each other around my back yard. My cats desperately wanted to be outside chasing them. Their noses were pressed firmly to the screens, if the glass hadn’t been closed they might have popped the screens out.“Catch Crunchy Bunnies!” They were saying. I saw the rabbits make at least two laps. They scampered and bounced showing the white puffs of their tails.

I had to go into Cortland today. On the way I saw more signs that spring is here. There were two does nursing their spotted fawns in meadows along the road. I also saw some cows with cute little calves. There were goats with kids and sheep with lambs. It started to rain on the way home. The sun is shining for the moment. My peony bush has buds starting, soon it will flower. My neighbor has several orange poppies open. Emily

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