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My Name Is Emily

May 28, 2013
Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte (Photo credit: jason nahrung)

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attachted to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Years ago I asked my mother why she named me Emily. She said that when it was time to choose my name she saw a book written by author Emily Bronte. She liked the name, so she used it. I have always been happy that she did not like the name Eunice. I hate that name! I have seen the name Emily spelled several different ways. The strangest spelling is Emmaleigh. My sister is named Rachel from the Bible. My brother is named Emmett after one of my great-grandfathers. We have told him to be glad that the parents didn’t like Cyril or Phineas after one of the others. My youngest sister is named Bess in honor of Queen Bess of England. The still-born baby boy was named Nathan because we all liked that name. My father was Ernest Junior after his father. My mother was named Roberta in honor of her deceased Uncle Robert. Regarding my four nieces and two step-nieces: one is named for a plant; one for a geographic feature; one in honor of her mother’s favorite romance author (the last name for a first name); one for a great-grandmother; and two were chosen because their parents like the way the names sounded.

Names are a big thing in my family. I grew up on a dairy farm. All the cats and dogs had names. We named all the cows as well! There were two rules for naming the cows. One: the name had to start with the same first letter as the mother’s name. Two: you could not use a name being used by a living animal. Some years we ran out of human names for certain letters and had to use other types of names. Flowers and states were popular choices. At different times we had cows named Mascara, Porkchops, Peony, and Wyoming for example. Many of the cats had color based names. Butterscotch, Cinnamon, Maizy, Dusty, Smoky, and Calico were a few we used. One year we had a Tiger, Tigre and Tigger at the same time.

Family names are interesting. One of my aunts has recently researched our genealogy. Over a hundred years ago there was another Emily Karn! She died at a young age, so we didn’t know about her. Emily

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