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Journey: 1,000 Islands

May 26, 2013
Aerial view of Boldt Castle and some of the Th...

Aerial view of Boldt Castle and some of the Thousand Islands in the Saint Lawrence River. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tell us about a journey – whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

The trip I remember the most is the one my family made to the Thousand Islands on the Saint Lawrence River when I was a teenager over thirty years ago. We got up earlier than usual to do our milking and farm chores. It was a rare, day-long excursion as it took several hours to drive there from our house. All six of us crammed into the car. Fortunately it was a large Buick, from the mid ’70’s  so there was some elbow room. I got the right-side rear window seat. My brother had the longest legs so he had to sit in the middle of the back seat as he had to straddle the hump in the floor from the axle. My sister had the left-side back window seat. Dad drove, mom had the right window and my youngest sister got stuck in the middle. I always enjoyed car trips. We made a game of seeing who could spot the most interesting things along the way.

Once we arrived, we boarded a stern paddle-wheel tour boat.It was mid-summer so everything was lush and green. The weather was perfect that day, sunny, and not too hot. We went past a number of the islands on the water. We landed on Heart  Island for a visit to Boldt Castle. We didn’t get to see all of the castle, they were renovating part of it. What we did see was quite impressive. We stopped at several other islands, some of them belonged to Ontario, Canada. It was the first time I set foot upon foreign soil. We had a delicious picnic lunch at one of the nearby parks. We had ham and cheese sandwiches, potato salad, deviled eggs, cheese puffs, sweet pickles, and a chocolate frosted chocolate cake.

Then it was time for the long drive home. We stopped off at the house of one of my uncles on the way back for a quick visit and a snack. I remember fruit, cheese and crackers. We arrived home in time for the evening milking and chores. Then we ate a late supper and rested for a few hours before going to bed. It was a fun day. I remember being both tired and happy. Emily

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