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The Battle of The Box Part 2: Peace Restored

May 25, 2013
Species: Phlox diffusa Family: Polemoniaceae I...

Species: Phlox diffusa Family: Polemoniaceae Image No. 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Battle of the Box has come to a peaceful end. I decided to do a little spring cleaning this morning. I had just finished consolidating two half-filled boxes of books into one when Selleck came trotting over. He immediately jumped into the empty box. He turned around and settled down in it to sleep. I gently moved the box out-of-the-way of foot traffic. He uttered a drowsy “Merrrp!” and went back to sleep. Bandit was happily curled up in the original box. Now that each of them has a box to sleep in, they are friends again
It is a little warmer, above fifty degrees. We have a bit of a breeze today. I keep hearing a gentle patter against my windows. It’s not rain. The wind is knocking the winged seeds from the trees around the trailers and they are helicoptering to the ground. When I went to get the mail a while ago the fallen seeds were scritching against the road when they were being blown away. My neighbor has two orange poppies blooming in her flower bed. The phlox along the creek is also starting to bloom. Emily


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