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The Battle Of The Box

May 24, 2013
English: Cindy the Calico Cat

English: Cindy the Calico Cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The humidity has departed. It has been replaced by colder weather. The high today is projected to be in the upper forties. The cats have responded by fighting about who is sleeping in their box. It is a cardboard box I got some time ago from one of the local grocery stores. It is 14 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches high. It originally held frozen ham and cheese sandwiches. It is currently tipped up on one side in my living room. It makes a perfect cat-sized niche for sleeping. The only problem is that only one cat at a time fits (like the one in the photo). When they both want to sleep there at the same time, like today, there is a battle royal for possession of the box. Bandit got first dibs and when Selleck tried to horn in, she hissed, growled at him and swatted him on the nose. The minute she walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Selleck nipped in and became king of the box. When Bandit came back it was his turn to hiss, growl and swat. So it went all morning. I finally settled matters by picking Selleck up and putting him on my lap. Now they are both happy. Selleck is snuggled up on my lap and Bandit has sole possession of the box. The temperature is supposed to drop into the low thirties tonight. I hope that they don’t fight all night long. Emily


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