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How I Became Their Person

May 23, 2013

selleck (Photo credit: josh.ev9)

Today I am going to share the stories of how Bandit and Selleck came to live with me. Twelve years ago today, my brother brought me a present. (Has it really been that long?) My old cat Mookie (named after the baseball player Mookie Wilson) had died several months ago. My surviving cat Butterscotch (named for his color) was lonesome without her. My brother worked at a dairy farm. One of the barn cats had recently had kittens. I asked if I could have one when they were old enough. He said yes. That day he knocked on my door. Tucked into the bib pocket of his overalls were two of the smallest kittens! They were only eight weeks old and each of them could fit in the palm of my hand. “Aren’t they a little young to leave their mother?” I asked him.
“She got killed earlier and there aren’t any other mother cats at the barn.” He said. I turned into a quivering bowl of jello and adopted them both. The male Smoky got his name immediately because of his smoke-grey colored fur. It took two weeks of observation for me to name Bandit. She got her name for several reasons: she liked to run fast; she had a small mask around her eyes; she liked to steal things; she liked to ambush me; and I liked the movie “Smoky And The Bandit.
Selleck came to live with me seven years ago. He was four or five years old at that time. He belonged to the son of one of my friends. His original family had to move to a place that didn’t allow any pets. My friend couldn’t take him, she had all the pets she could care for. I happened to mention that I was looking for a new cat to her several months before. She called me and asked if I would take the cat. I said yes and she brought him over. I fell in love on the spot. His name was an unimaginative Tom. Within days I saw the blue eyes, the little mustache and the attitude. He also “talked” a lot. I named him Tom Selleck after the actor. Bandit had to be convinced that this strange cat was okay. After a couple of weeks she accepted him. Now they are best friends. I call myself Their Person, because anyone with cats knows that the cats are in charge. Emily


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