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Cat Snubbing

May 18, 2013


Flea drawn by Buonanni (1691).

Flea drawn by Buonanni (1691). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bandit and Selleck are giving me the cold shoulder today. It’s flea season. I had to put the flea drops on them last night. Bandit is allergic to fleas. The first time she had them, they made her so sick that she almost died. It cost me over two hundred dollars to get her well. It’s much cheaper to prevent them in the first place. I start treating her as soon as flea season starts. The fleas love to hide in her thick, dense fur and bite her. She hates the drops. She and Selleck are both ignoring me today. Whenever I go near either one of them they get up and walk away. No one can snub you as well as a cat can. They’ll get over it in a few days.

The weather is warmer today. We have some sunshine. I’ve hung my clothes up on the line outside to dry. The lilacs are still blooming and their perfume fills the air. I cut several sprays, brought them inside, and put them in a vase. They are gorgeous. There was a hitchhiker. A small green insect fell out while I was putting them in the vase. I washed it down the drain. I hope that we will have nice weather for the Memorial Day Weekend. I’m planning to fire up my barbecue. Emily

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