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Rabbit Morning

May 15, 2013
Wild Rabbit

Wild Rabbit (Photo credit: andrusdevelopment)

The cats woke me at six-thirty this morning. They were “chattering” frantically and bouncing on the bed. It was a more urgent noise than they make for sparrows. I put on my glasses, rolled over, and looked out the window. A mother rabbit and some babies were eating the grass by the creek. I saw at least four little ones hidden in the grass, there may have been more. It seems that rabbits are extremely “Crunch” worthy. The cats were so overwrought that they kept banging their heads against the glass. We had a thunderstorm this morning. It rained for an hour, and rumbled for fifteen minutes. It was very dark. The sun just came out. It is supposed to warm up into. the seventies. So much for my plans to mow the lawn today. The grass will be too wet. Emily

  1. Thanks for sharing a link to Heirloom Living on you blog! I will be sure to check in on your blog!

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