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May 12, 2013

Lilacs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two nights ago we had a thunderstorm. It lasted about fifteen minutes. The cats don’t like the “Booms!” they hid under the bed. They also hide under the bed whenever there are fireworks going off. I think that the “Bangs!” hurt their ears. It rained for several hours. My phone line wasn’t working well yesterday, so I didn’t post anything. The lilacs have bloomed. Their scent fills the air. My bush has the light purple flowers.

Today is Mother’s Day. My brother, my two nieces and I took my mother out for breakfast. We didn’t remember to make any reservations. We wound up eating at McDonald’s because all the other restaurants had at least a twenty-minute wait just to be seated. It was a pretty good meal and we only had to wait four minutes to order and ten to get our food. Lesson learned for next year. I hadn’t eaten breakfast at McDonald’s in ten years. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of choices. I had one of the Super Breakfast Platters: scrambled eggs, hash brown, three pancakes, sausage patty and a biscuit. I added a medium-sized  chocolate shake. I was so full, I brought the biscuit home to eat later.

Selleck is Hyper-Cat today. He’s running around the house, jumping over Bandit, the furniture, and me. He is also pouncing on both of us. Bandit is getting annoyed by his behavior. She just swatted him on the nose with her right paw. Selleck gave her a dirty look and darted away. He’s lucky that her claws were sheathed. Emily

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