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Cat Games

May 4, 2013
peek (redux)

peek (redux) (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

sprawling out

sprawling out (Photo credit: Moggie)

It’s another beautiful spring day. My cats celebrated it by playing two of their favorite games. Bandit’s is “Cat Fur Rug Sprawl”. She lies sprawled out on the floor  in the middle of where I want to walk. It does no good to nudge her with your foot, she just ignores you. I have to bend over and move her body. This takes a bit of work as she weighs almost fifteen pounds. Selleck enjoys “Super Snooping”. This consists of running over to a window and jumping up onto the bed, the chair, or the table in front of said window. He then presses his nose against the glass or the screen and avidly watches any activity in the vicinity. If nothing interesting occurs he darts off to the next window. Sometimes I get tired just from watching him. He had good luck today, so far he’s seen five birds, two dogs, and three people. Emily


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