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Splashes of Color

May 3, 2013
Purple Azalea

Purple Azalea (Photo credit: sea turtle)

Owasco Lake

Owasco Lake (Photo credit: cosmictravelerdude)

Blue Wildflowers

Blue Wildflowers (Photo credit: daryl_mitchell)

Yellow daffodils

Yellow daffodils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flowering Cherry

Flowering Cherry (Photo credit: wallygrom)


Tulips (Photo credit: Noel Reynolds)

It’s a beautiful spring day in the Finger Lakes! This morning I had to go into the city of Auburn in Cayuga County. We came home along Owasco Lake. It was gorgeous! There were splashes of color everywhere you looked. The sunny yellow of dandelions sprouting in the lush green lawns. Bursts of bright yellow forsythia bushes in full bloom. Pops of creams, yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, and purples from early tulips. The royal purple of azalea bushes. The light pinks of the magnolias. The puffy white of the wild cherry trees. The deep pink of the ornamental cherries. The yellows, oranges, apricots and whites of daffodils. The blues, pinks and purples of the hyacinths. The smoky-blue haze of small wildflowers on the hillsides. The deep brown of freshly plowed earth. The spring green of the trees leafing out. The lake was blue and sparkled with light white caps from the gentle breeze. The sky was a rich blue with fine whisps of thin white clouds. It was warm enough to roll down the windows and enjoy the air, scented with flowers and new mown grass. Emily

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