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The Demon

May 2, 2013

Bits N Piecses Short Story # 2 This challenge/contest interested me. Where would I go with the opening line,“As he washed his blood from her shirt….”? The category was horror. I’ve never written a horror story of any kind. I decided to give it a try. Here’s the result.

The Demon

As he washed his blood from her shirt, Jhordhan considered his options. He scrubbed the last stubborn dark-green spot from the white cotton. He sighed regretfully. He spoke to himself in a rich bass. “You have to kill her, she’ll know what you are with a little research.” He hung the now clean shirt over the towel rack to dry. He poured the bloody water from the basin down the drain and rinsed it with the remaining water in the ewer on the wooden stand. The plastered walls were painted a light beige. He checked his reflection in the full-length mirror hanging on the wall. He stood six-and-a-half feet tall. He was well muscled. His skin was pale. Jet black hair, thick and shining hung down to his shoulders. His eyes were a brilliant, sparkling green. His features were chiseled, yet handsome. The wound on his chest over the spot where humans kept their hearts was already just a thin, almost black line. When he had risen earlier this night his mind had been on sex, not murder. He had perfumed himself with sandalwood. His pants were of soft beige buckskin. His boots were well polished black leather. A large gold ring with a blood-red ruby adorned the middle finger of his left hand.

He walked back and sat on the bed next to the woman. The plastered beige walls continued in this room. The ceiling was smooth wooden planks that were matched by the casements and the floors. A soft white, wooly sheepskin sat where cold feet could step onto it from the bed. The bed was a massive, carved wooden canopied piece. A tall dresser and squat nightstand finished the furnishings. A light candle of beeswax stood on the dresser. Several brass kerosene lanterns hung on the walls. The canopy and curtains were tapestry covered in mult-colored flowers. The turned down bed-spread matched the tapestry. The sheets were a plain white cotton, soft to the touch. They were stained with spots of his dark green blood.She glared at him in fury and fear. The upper half of her body was naked. Her breasts were full and firm. Some of his blood had splashed onto her body. They were tipped with coral-pink nipples. Her hair was a waist length mass of golden tresses. Her eyes were a rich blue. Her skin was tanned a light bronze. She wore a blue denim skirt from her waist down. The left side was rucked up to reveal a slender leg. Her brown leather shoes lay discarded on the floor by the bed. She smelled of flowers and fear. A heady combination to Jhordhan. She squirmed, trying to fight the magical bonds he had placed on her. A wave of Jhordhan’s hand dissolved the gag on her mouth. “My friends will kill you Vampire!” She hissed at him. Her voice was a strong soprano.

“You think I’m a Vampire?” He asked.

“Yes. You are pallid, you only appear after dark, and you don’t eat food.”

“And for that you tried to kill me?”

“I’m a Vampire Slayer, it’s what we do.”

“Your stake hit the right place, if I had been a Vampire it would have killed me. Unfortunately for you I am not a Vampire?”

“Then what are you? Nothing human could have survived.”

“More creatures walk the night than Vampires. A Vampire would only drain your blood. I am something much worse than a mere Vampire. I am a Demon! It is true that I don’t eat human food.”

“Demons are only myths.” She scoffed.

“I’m afraid not. Consider, what color is my blood?”

She glanced downward and paled. “A dark green, like nothing I’ve ever seen.” She whispered fearfully. “What kind of Demon are you and what do you eat?”

“I am a Soul-Eater and you have roused my Hunger.” He released his Demonic form. His human seeming folded away. He grew two feet taller, and one foot wider. His skin was covered with black scales overlaid with a sickly green iridescence. Stiff bristles of coarse red hair sprouted from his skin. Two eight-inch, bright red and sharply pointed horns grew from his forehead. A double row of thirty six-inch long, dagger sharp fangs filled his huge mouth. His four large eyes were spirals of blood-red and black. They seemed to be bottomless. Six razor keen talons tipped the fingers of each hand. He smelled rank and musty. He smiled wickedly at the woman. She began to scream loudly. In a deep voice he rumbled. “Scream all you want woman, no one can hear you. I’m going to eat you!”

The woman uttered a final horrified scream of despair. Jhordhan leaned forward and inhaled. His magic drew out the woman’s soul and he fed. When he was finished he gathered the kerosene lanterns. He carefully poured the oil over the body. He threw the stake covered in his blood onto the body. He took a splinter of burning wood from the banked fireplace and tossed it on the bed. With a soft “Whoosh” the oil caught on fire. Jhordhan confined the flames with his magic, making it burn hot and fast. Moments later all that remained of the woman and the bed was a pile of ashes. He picked up his white cotton, lace bedecked and ruffled shirt from the floor and put it on. He took his black leather baldric and his ivory-handled short sword from the dresser and draped them over his left shoulder. He picked up his black leather wallet and hung it from its matching belt. He gathered his dark blue broadcloth jacket and his sky-blue satin waistcoat in his arms. Satisfied that he’d removed all traces of his presence he strode out of the room.


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