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Magnolia Blossoms

May 1, 2013
Hyacinth cultivars, showing the range of colou...

Hyacinth cultivars, showing the range of colours available (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magnolia Before the Frost

Magnolia Before the Frost (Photo credit: Elfleda)

The blossoms on the magnolia tree have popped open. I love their color, medium pink in the center shading to soft pink at the edges of the petals. A number of trees are starting to leaf out, so there is also lots of vibrant spring green. The lawn is a richer, deeper shade of green. Today the sky is a brilliant blue with just a few fine white whisps of clouds. The forsythia is still putting out a mass of bright yellow flowers. Here and there are bursts of pink, blue, purple, and yellow from hyacinths and early daffodils. I love all the color and seeing every thing start to grow. Spring is my favorite season. It’s warm today, over 70 degrees again. The scent of freshly mowed grass fills the air. My neighbor Bill was sweet enough to mow my lawn today along with his own. The cats are sitting in front of the screen in the storm door, happily sniffing all the interesting scents carried on the light breeze. Thay don’t like the lawn mower. They ran and hid under my bed while it ws running. Emily


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  1. Loved looking at you flower photos. Not much is blooming here yet. Still too cold.

    • emilykarn permalink

      The weather was good for the flowers this year. Last year we had a late frost that killed all the magnolia, and most of the apple and cherry buds. Emily

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