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Are We Ants?

April 29, 2013
English: Ants

English: Ants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inspiration can come from anywhere, in this case some ants. I chose to write a poem in the concrete form of a question mark.


          Are We Ants?       
       I Destroyed some
   ants today, they were
on my kitchen countertop.
I Swept them into the sink
and Washed them down the
drain.   I wondered are we
Gods to the ants?   Beings
so vast they      can not be
Comprehended.     Do They
Wash Us away    when we
Vex Them?     Are we ants
to Gods?         Insects and
Subjects.       Do Creatures
                we would not
             Decide our
        Fates? Saved
   or Destroyed,
with Reasons
Unknown. Does
some Deity
treat Us the
same? A few
days past
I rescued
a stink bug.
Do Their
Whims cause

 Are WE
but Ants
  to the



From → Daily life, Nature, Poetry

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