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They’re Mowing Already?

April 28, 2013
English: Berries at Papercourt Ripening brambl...

English: Berries at Papercourt Ripening brambles at the lakeside, Papercourt. The tree-fringed lake has many bramble bushes around its banks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s another nice day in central New York State. The temperature was over 70 degrees with lots of sunshine. I was finally able to change from my sweatshirt and pants into something a little cooler. Earlier I went out with my pruners and cut back the small trees and brambles that like to grow next to my trailer where the mower can’t get them. I’ve found that pruners work better than my sting trimmer on woodier items.  It’s easier to trim the brambles before their thorns get too big. While I was outside several of my neighbors started up their mowers. The grass is so short that I don’t think that they cut much. I prefer to wait until it’s at least one inch high.

The warmer weather has the cats feeling frisky. When I got the pruners off of the shelf I accidentally knocked down their favorite teaser toy. Selleck saw it, grabbed it and started to drag it away. I retrieved it and he thought I wanted to play. He likes to play Tug of War like a dog at times. Bandit came to join the fun. Her favorite thing to do with the teaser is for me to make her spin in circles chasing it until she’s so dizzy she collapses. Worn out from their exercise they’re sleeping in a ball with their  heads on each others backs. Emily

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