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Wall to Wall

April 26, 2013
California Native Garden "English Cottage...

California Native Garden “English Cottage” style – Pasadena, CA (Photo credit: M. Dolly)

What do you display on the walls of your home – photos, posters, artwork, nothing? how do you chose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

I went with pictures that fit the theme of each room. The kitchen and living room flow into each other so I treated them as a single unit. I’ve done them in an English Cottage Garden Style. Lots of pictures of flowers and rural scenes. The hallway is for photos of family members and the cats. The bathroom is an Ocean Theme. Coast lines, lighthouses, and underwater scenes of reefs and fish. I’ve three shell necklaces around the small window. The bedroom is done in  a Tropical Island Theme. The walls are wood-paneled and the carpet  is dirt colored. I put up pictures of tropical islands and swagged a border of silk leis around the edges of the ceiling. These styles go well together. I find them calming and tranquil. Emily

In response to Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

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