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Two New Recipes

April 14, 2013
English: A two-year-old seal point "tradi...

English: A two-year-old seal point “traditional” Siamese cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tried two new recipes today. The first one was for Chrunchy French Toast. It was tasty, but a little more work than I want to put into my french toast on a regular basis. The second one was for Couscous With Ras El Hanout. Ras El Hanout is a Moroccan Spice Blend. It has cinnamon, peppers and other spices. It made a nice change and tasted differently from other spice blends I’ve tried.

The cats have been sleeping most of today. Bandit is female. She has some longhair genes in her ancestry. She has a very fluffy tail and long hair between her footpads. She has the most gorgeous emerald-green eyes. Selleck is male. He is part Siamese. He has pale ice blue eyes like the cat in the photo. He also likes to “talk” a lot.

It’s finally stopped raining, however it is still quite overcast. I long for a good dose of sunshine. Emily

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