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My Five Items

December 5, 2013
English: A screenshot of the free game, 0 A.D..

English: A screenshot of the free game, 0 A.D.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A classic question revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

This prompt required some consideration. There are many items that I would like on a deserted island, but which five must I have?

  • First: The most obvious for me is a pallet of Waterproof SPF 45+ Sunscreen. I have fair skin that really likes to burn even in New York State. It would be far worse on a deserted island! No sunburns!
  • Second: One of those pocket multi-tools, the kind with all the knives, pliers, corkscrews, scissors, and saws, etc. I think it would be very useful for a variety of purposes, such as making other tools like spears and nets and for building shelter. Must have food and shelter!
  • Third: A pallet of fueled lighters. So I could start fires for warmth and cooking food. No food poisoning!
  • Fourth: Water bottle with built-in filter in order to have drinking and cooking water. Sea water in not potable and a desert island might not have fresh water. No dying of thirst!
  • Fifth: The Collected works of William Shakespeare. I’ve read a few of his sonnets and plays. The collected works would provide months of entertainment while I work on getting rescued. No boredom!


In response to Daily Prompt: Five Items

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